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Site Santa Fe Obscenely Wasteful

Posted on September 10, 2008 at 4:09 PM

Site Santa Fe, across from the new Railyard complex of family-friendly business and farmers' market on Paseo de Peralta, has a gigantic sign on its roof, lit up extremely brightly at night, saying "XXX". It is a piece called "Tri-Christus". This is an outright assault on our Santa Fe local culture.The City of Santa Fe has one preservation code for poor business owners, homeowners and Spanish-American natives, and a different code for galleries that blaspheme and tear down local cultural tradition in order to make their little mark in the art world. The exorbitant amount of electricity used by this huge light bulb studded abomination makes the "environmentalist" art community look like complete morons. Not only do those hypocrites not "celebrate diversity" as they always preach, but Site Santa Fe is celebrating perversity and displaying its own religious intolerance and hatred. When little children see the unaccountably insane sign eclipsing our night sky on the roof of Site Santa Fe, and get inquisitive, parents could say, "XXX--that's the size of Santa Fe's carbon foot print!"

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