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Zane Bennett Gallery of Santa Fe Hosts Hideous Paintings from Germany

Posted on August 9, 2008 at 10:53 AM
Zane Bennett Gallery Euro-Trashes Santa Fe with a Whole Host Hideous Paintings from GermanyPerpetrator is Gunter F?rg

Sitting on a prominent corner of Guadalupe and Paseo de Peralta is Zane Bennett, formerly of Canyon Road. They have two great local artists in their stable: Paul Shapiro and James Perigord, veteran painters with their own uniquely beautiful styles, but somehow the person who chooses the "art" for them lately seems to believe that if it isn't from Europe, it's not as good. The utterly hideous show that this pretentious art gallery has up now will blow your mind not because the "artist" is cutting edge or original, but because of its sheer ugliness and raw stupidity. It's a whole corner building full of slap -dash paintings that some German artist threw together in a few days.  Gunter Forg is the "master minimalist" in Germany, but that doesn't mean  when he throws up on canvas it's valuable! It's nothing new or different, just more of the same old rubbish posing as substance. The gallery walls are lined with these abominations, which are stultifying in their sameness. No, it ain't because I'm not "sophisticated" nor "enlightened" that I say this--I've seen it all. It's because it's more of the same lack of talent and inspiration that the sheep and lemmings have been promoting for decades. How much do these "contemporary" con-artists and idiot gallery owners think the public is going to stand? Crapping on all that is decent seems to be a ritual among the art poseurs in this town, but this is just a cynical, senseless assault on civilization. And not clever. Gunther Forg is the con-artist, and mysteriously he was chosen to represent Zane Bennett in their pre-Railyard opening month. What a travesty!

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