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Posted on September 17, 2008 at 9:40 AM

Preserve our rights and our New Mexican energy economy! Vote the Western Ticket:
 John McCain and Sarah Palin

Senator Obama wants to tax you into oblivion and take away your gun rights. Faulty thinking in these troubled times. And think of how high oil and gas will go if we are going to get them mainly from hostile dictatorships like Venezuela and Iran. Obama's energy plan was to use up our strategic oil and gas reserves, which are to be used in emergencies, attacks on our nation,  and natural disasters. The Obamas think you are all a bunch of racists who can't think for themselves. They are elitists who wish to eliminate America as we know it, and replace it with a giant government that runs and owns absolutely everything--kind of like Hugo Chavez' Venezuela, and Putin's Russia.No, it won't be Washington politics as usual with Obama-Biden in charge--it will be a nation where they have more power than they had in the Senate--power to run every facet of our lives.

The Democrats are doing what they do best very year: calling every household and claiming that the next Republican president will "take away a woman's right to choose", when that is not even possible. Roe versus Wade cannot be overturned. But McCain and Palin are constantly badgered about their personal feelings on abortion. The McCains adopted a black baby long ago. They put their money where their mouth is. Sen. Obama voted to kill babies who were born alive. How does that show a respect for human life?

Cindy McCain went to Rwanda during the 1994 massacre that President Clinton ignored, while 800,000 citizens were being butchered. Bodies were lying around everywhere she went, but she set up medical aid for the living.

There are very  important issues to handle, and Senator McCain has the experience and the ideas to protect our security and sovereignty. McCain-Palin are determined to get America back to vigorous prosperity. Sen. Obama wants America to operate on the failed policies of socialist Europe. No wonder his name rhymes with "Osama". That is the ticket for our destruction.

We here in the west understand freedom and responsibility. Guys like Senator Joe Biden (plagiarist and entrenched Washington Insider) understand kick-backs and legislation that intrudes into your pocketbook, business, and your everyday life. Want to leave your farm to your progeny? Obama-Biden will take it out of their hide with the enormous Death Tax that makes it difficult for them to go on farming.

Please vote for the western team of McCain-Palin on November 4th.

From the Albuquerque Paper:

Friday, September 05, 2008 McCain's Speech Called Needed Rallying Cry By Michael Coleman Albuquerque Journal ST. PAUL, Minn. ? As they danced under a shower of red, white and blue confetti Wednesday night, New Mexicans at the Republican National Convention said presidential nominee John McCain delivered the rallying cry the party needs heading into the November election. "He talked tonight about change, which the Republican Party and the country is ready for," said Phelps Anderson, a delegate from Roswell. "His leadership will only strengthen America and provide us with a secure future and a safe and strong economy." Delegate Phil T. Archuleta of Mountainair said McCain conveyed a powerful message of character and resilience that will inspire voters. "There ain't anything more powerful in the world than a hero in the United States who is about to become the commander in chief," he said. "His is such a compelling story ? he uses good judgment to go against the grain and put country first," said Allen McCulloch, a delegate from Farmington. "He was a lot less flamboyant than Obama was, but he conveyed his message very strongly." Ceil Levatino, a delegate from Las Cruces, said McCain's speech will appeal to people who might still be on the fence about whom to vote for in November. "I really appreciate his willingness to reach across party lines and solve problems working with Democrats, independents or whoever," she said. "He'll work with anyone who really wants to solve problems." Fernando C de Baca, a delegate from Albuquerque, who worked in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, said McCain's speech hit all the right notes on issues Republicans care about. "I thought it was a great speech; he addressed the concerns of the American public with respect to the economy, schools and security," C de Baca said. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., attending his tenth convention, said McCain did exactly what was expected. "Conventions are about bumps and Republicans are going to get a whale of a bump out of this," the senator said.

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